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Welcome to the world of the writer Anders Tempelman

Screenwriter, copywriter, director, translator, writer, marketing, advertising - Tempelman

Copywriter, Screenwriter, Director, commercials, marketing, advertising, consultant

About me

anders tempelman

I studied marketing but was a professional writer first. A combination that the advertising industry embraced, where I worked as a Copywriter for 25 years and founded two agencies. Gradually I also started writing screenplays, I sold a few and a couple even got produced. Nowadays I've become quite good at mixing between writing freely and strictly commercial. But don't take my word for it, listen to some of the people I have worked with over the years.




"The most interesting thing about Anders, isn't what he writes or even how, It's the fact that he writes. This isn't the beginning, not the end, but the start of an ending you didn't think was possible. That's the way Anders is, so good you don't know how it's going to end. Like mogul skiing with miniskis, hilariously impossible."

Michael Nyqvist



”Anders has a unique ability to create ideas and package them well. It was his creativity and talent we sought and that made the difference for TV8. He was the mind behind our brand journey that took us from 20% brand awareness to 88% witihin a few years. If you’re looking for creativity in combination with humour, courage and intelligence - then Anders is the Answer. He’s simply the best.”

Birgitta Stål



”Anders is not only a a highly skilled professional, but also someone who can come up with new and unexpected angles on problems, which is why you tend to become addicted to him. He writes like a God and is one of the few people who can make me laugh whatever my mood is. He has a way of seeing life through his very own grid, sometimes with a very large perspective and sometimes in one so small that tiny details, that otherwise would have been lost, are exposed. You’re very lucky if you get to know him or work with him."

Kattis Ahlström



”I’ve been waiting for him to spend more time writing scripts. I don’t know where all his dark and funny ideas come from, but look forward to them and dream about directing them one day.”

Jonas Åkerlund



”Not everybody has it, but he does. He’s immediately appealing. You can tell at once that he’s intelligent, funny and sharp-tongued. And he possesses the underrated quality of being nice. Tough on the outside but deep down - nice. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

Eva Swartz



"Anders is the Strindberg of the blogosphere."

Reuben Sallmander



”Anders is the crackle in a burning log on a winter’s day. He’s the olive in the drink you didn’t know you liked. He’s the fields of canola in the south, the creaks up north, the sunrise in the east and the white in wine as the sun sets in the west. In short; he’s the master of details and isn’t scared of the devil within them. He’s also almost as tall as he’s funny. Or was it the other way around?”




”Anders is fun, clever, extreme and professional. Just to work with him is highly entertaining.”

Tomas Tivemark



"Anders is a tall, funny, drastisc, kind, fearless, pretty muscular and a very good friend. He's read more books than most of us, seen all movies ever made, including the one's that haven't been made. Yet. And he masters the art of communicating with women. Naturally a brilliant Copywriter and with very good judgement."

Helena Helsing Mork



”Anders reminds me of a Swiss army knife. But more lengthy and less red. But he is very handy in a lot of areas. During the last 20 years I've disocvered a lot of functions in Anders, as a friend, guitar player, consultant and someone to bounce ideas with. Everybody should have an Anders connected to their belt, even if it would look ludicrious.”

Jan Loosme